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The home is available to people aged over 70 who have worked professionally as actors, from anywhere in the UK. If there is no waiting list of actors, we may be able to help those from other theatrical professions.

Denville Hall prides itself on its special atmosphere. We place the greatest value on the dignity and happiness of our residents: the Hall is their home, not ours, and we give our residents the greatest say possible in how their daily lives at Denville should be.

Each resident has a private room with en suite shower and WC. All rooms are fully carpeted, with full furniture available if you don't wish to bring furniture, including a TV. Each has a call system to summon help. We hope you will want to bring favourite small pieces of furniture, pictures, ornaments, a wireless or music centre, and so on.

Cancellation of Open Day
We do hope that all our much-valued supporters who received an invitation to our Open Day this year will by now also have received notice of its cancellation.

Thank you so very much to all of you who have written and told us you are in agreement with the decision, after the very recent loss of our beloved president, Lord Attenborough, to ‘dim our lights on Broadway’ in his honour and cancel a party that we felt was scheduled far too soon after an event that has devastated us all at Denville Hall.

For those of you who feel we should have gone ahead – by far the smallest minority – please accept our apologies and try to understand that our first concern is the welfare of Lady Attenborough at this terribly difficult time for her.

Open Day relies on good enough weather to be able to use our gardens to accommodate the large numbers of people who come;  we shall therefore be unable to reschedule it this year because of shortening days and worsening weather, and then the beginning of Christmas plans for our residents.  We miss you all and shall hope to see you as soon as we can manage to organise a party in 2015.

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Dementia Care
Palliative Care
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