Life at Denville Hall


There is always something going on at Denville Hall. Whether it is a game of Scrabble in the Green Room or the cast of Mamma Mia coming to sing carols and other songs at Christmas. We have many public spaces, living rooms and several beautifully kept gardens for you to walk around and relax in. We hope you enjoy reading about all the wonderful activities that take place here at Denville Hall.


Theatre & Cinema

We have a theatre and cinema space where films, talks, exercise classes and other entertainment is held.


National Theatre Live

We have a special partnership with the National Theatre in London. Selected plays are streamed live to our screens—just for us! Previous shows screened include:



Lose yourself in a book and immerse yourself in peace and quiet at our beautiful library.


Games & Clubs

Games like cards and Bridge are regularly played in the public rooms. We also hold other interesting clubs such as a French conversation group and a poetry club to ponder on the wonders of words.



If you would prefer to be more creative we have an Art Room where you can let your imagination run wild and make something wonderful, or chat with friends about a common artistic passion.



Residents can play our stunning grand piano, electric piano or listen to music in the Music Room.


Food & Drink

Good food and drink are all part of the experience at Denville Hall. Our chefs produce a high quality varied menu and are always willing to make changes due to dietary needs. Our large dining hall with many tables encourages conversation—we believe mealtimes are a perfect opportunity for friendship. Our residents also enjoy socialising at our very popular bar.


Health & Wellness

Here at Denville Hall, we hold exercise classes if you want a challenge. You can also become a member of the local Health Centre, where you can take advantage of their gym and swimming pool. If you’d prefer something a little more relaxing, you can check out our gorgeous aquarium or take a stroll around Denville’s own stunning gardens.


Day Trips

We often have days out and many of these are requested by groups of residents. We will try as hard as we can to organise a trip you want to go on. Recent trips include:


We also have events that are organised by residents inside the Hall. Birthdays and other occasions are always celebrated well with the residents almost always having fun organising the parties. We enjoy helping them with anything they require for the celebration. One of our biggest parties every year is the celebration of Shakespeare’s birthday on April 23rd. Many years ago we were left a legacy by Dame Edith Evans for a ‘Cake for Denville Hall' and decided to spend it on a birthday cake for Shakespeare. Every year a member of the profession visits to cut the cake and celebrate with the residents!


At Denville Hall we want to keep everyone as happy as possible and meet your needs. If there is an activity you want to do or perhaps something you would like to learn we can help you, don’t hesitate to talk to a member of the team.