To Apply For Admission

This is stage one of a two-stage application process. We shall eventually need to ask you about financial and medical details, but first we need to establish your eligibility.

We have a very specific remit to help members of the theatrical profession, our first responsibility being to actors, and where possible to members of the profession such as directors, writers and others. We really don't want to waste your time with a long and complicated form if you are not going to meet our criteria, which will be assessed based on this first part of the admission form, by our House Committee.

Although this is the normal admission procedure, arrangements for short-term, emergency admission can be made very quickly where necessary. Simply ring the home (be prepared to give us some information to check your theatrical eligibility and medical history) and we will move fast to help you if we possibly can. 


To start the process, please download and complete the application form below.