There are different ways for us to help you. Our nurses and carers, who are
on duty 24 hours a day, will work with you and your family to see exactly what help you need. Your independence is an important part of the ethos here at Denville.

You will have your own en-suite room and a call system to summon help. We
can furnish your room for you, including a TV, or you can bring your own
favourite things. Every room has its own phone.
The majority of residents are registered with our local GP who holds regular surgeries, but you are free to stay with your own doctor if that is practical. We can organise dental appointments for you too. The presence of trained staff means that going to hospital is seldom necessary, but if it’s unavoidable your room will be ready and waiting until you come home again.
There are six kinds of care at Denville Hall. Even after finding the one that is
right for you, we will continue to assess your needs regularly, so that you
know you will always get the support you require.


  • Residential Care

  • Enhanced Residential Care

  • Nursing Care

  • Dementia Care

  • Palliative Care

  • Short Stay