Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply.

You will find an application form on this website, or contact us and we can put one in the post to you.  This is an initial application for us to assess eligibility.  Once that has been agreed (see next FAQ) there will be further information that we shall require so as to be sure we can meet all your needs.


Am I eligible.  Who decides.

Denville Hall looks after actors and other members of the theatrical profession. If we have rooms available we will also take others closely connected with the industry.  Eligibility is decided by the House Committee, who meet every month. We also offer respite care. If there is an emergency we liaise between meetings and will make a decision as quickly as possible.

How do I get help with finance.

We shall do our best to point you in the right direction in finding possible help from sister organisations, for which you might be eligible, such as Acting For Others. After residency eligibility has been confirmed, get in touch with us about any financial assistance you think you might need.

Can you help me set up a power of attorney.

Your relatives or friends need to do this through their solicitor, or with the help of an on-line service.

Moving In & Living Space

Will I be able to bring my dog/cat/other pet.

We would love to be able to say ‘yes’ but hope that you will understand just how difficult this would be for us.  So the answer, sadly, is ‘no’;  we love animals and have regular visits from PAT (Pets As Therapy) dogs, and your friends and relatives are very welcome to bring pets in to visit you.

Can I bring my own furniture.

We love it when residents want to personalise their rooms. Please talk to us and we’ll do our best to find a way to help you. All furniture needs to meet fire regulations and all electrical appliances will need to be tested.

Can I bring pictures to put on the wall, and other decorations and personal items for my room.


If I want to redecorate completely, is this possible.

Of course. Rooms need to be practical but we’d love you to make your room as personal to you as possible.

I get work in TV, radio and films sometimes; can I go out to work once I come to live at Denville Hall.

Yes, we often have residents who go out to work from Denville Hall. 

Do you have WiFi connection.

Yes, we do.

Do I have to get up or go to bed at a specified time.

We will be happy to accommodate you as best we can around such obvious needs as mealtimes and housekeeping.

What happens if I don't like my stay and decide to go home again.

We very much hope that you will like it at Denville Hall, but of course you are free to leave at any time.  We realise that, even if you’ve been in for a short initial stay, moving in permanently can sometimes turn out to be the wrong decision, and we entirely understand if this is the case.


Are there set visiting hours.

Until further notice visiting hours are 10-12 and 2-5 after first contacting the office. All visitors must do a lateral flow test on the day, either at home or on arrival.

Can I have guests to meals. 

Because of ongoing concerns about COVID we are sadly still unable to allow visitors to join residents for meals in the house. This situation will hopefully change, so please contact the office to check. 

Can I go out with my friends or family when I want to.

Yes with reference to the manager. Residents often go out for meals, for a weekend away, or a holiday.  

Can a visitor bring my dog in to see me.

As mentioned above, we should be delighted to have your dog come and visit.



Will someone help me with any medicine I have to take.

Your specific needs will be assessed during your application, and a decision made with you about the level of care that you need.  Assistance with your medication will certainly be available if necessary.

What is the difference between residential and nursing.

Please see the page on care on this website for details.  

Am I allowed to keep my own GP and dentist.

Yes, if they are able to continue your care; we have an excellent local practice and regular visits from our own GPs if you prefer to switch to them. We can organise dental appointments for you too.

Do you have a physiotherapist.

Yes, we do; an initial consultation is provided free of charge and subsequent appointments will have to be paid for.

What happens if I have to go for a hospital or doctor's appointment.  Do I have to pay for transport.

We will organise transport for you which is free if we can get hospital transport on the NHS. If you need a quicker taxi service, this will be charged to you. If you need some support, we always try and send a carer with you to make things easier for you.


Can I smoke.

The house is a non-smoking home and if you wish to smoke there is a designated area outside for this use.

Do I have to pay for extras, such as hairdressing or chiropody.

We do charge a non-profit-making fee for extras and will be happy to supply you with a tariff.

Food & Drink


Is the main meal of the day at lunchtime or in the evening.

The main meal of the day is at lunchtime.

Do you cater for specialised diets, such as diabetic, gluten-free, vegetarian.

Definitely. We will always take your dietary requirements into consideration, and regularly check with you to see if any needs have changed.

Do you have a bar.

We have a private club that has recently been refurbished, and is a place in which residents love to meet and relax, opening for an hour before lunch and an hour before supper.

Can I have guests to a private meal, say on my birthday.

Absolutely; we love birthdays and celebrate all residents’ birthdays with gatherings in the bar, and with a cake, but if you would rather have a more private celebration we will be happy to arrange that for you.  It is important to give us notice.

Can I have breakfast in bed.

Yes, you can, and most do, although you are equally welcome to come down to the dining room for breakfast, and some prefer that option.



What kind of activities might I expect.  Can I opt out of things if I don't want to do them.

We have an Activities Co-ordinator who arranges all sorts of things, including outings to theatres and gardens, to a local cinema, to galleries and shopping. There are films shown most afternoons, an exercise class, poetry reading group, an art room, visiting performers and we have a special relationship with the National Theatre: we have in-house “Live Streaming” so that you can watch live performances from the NT, from the RSC and other theatres. 

We have a monthly Residents’ Meeting where you would be more than welcome to make suggestions for other activities, or talk about any aspects of the house that you enjoy, or might like to improve. And no, you do not have to join in with anything at all if you would rather not.