Helping Denville Hall


Improving Denville Hall

We are always looking for ways to improve Denville Hall and make life better for our residents. Your support is vital in helping us achieve these improvements.


Below is an indicative list for future developments to the Hall, which with your help, we can achieve. If you wish to donate towards this, or assist with any of the below, please do get in touch.


Personalising a Resident's Room

Having a personal decorations scheme for an individual resident can make such a difference. Most residents can cover the costs but some can't and need a little help.


New Furniture

Improving the furniture in the Hall is something we are constantly doing. It is always about improving the look and feel of Denville Hall.


Personalised Theatre Visits

If you are in a play and can help us organise some matinee performance tickets and perhaps tea with a cast member, it would be a wonderful experience for our residents. Our residents are always keen to see a new play, meet new actors and remain connected to the world of theatre and the arts.



Our conservatory needs refurbishment so that our residents can take full advantage of it throughout the year.


Health & Well Being

At Denville Hall, we always encourage physical exercise and well being. We hold classes regularly and equipment needs to be maintained. Donations towards these activities will keep the residents fit and healthy. Your help could even kickstart a new activity at the Hall.


Denville Hall is so very grateful to everyone who helps us in any way, great or small. With your help, we can continue to improve Denville Hall and the lives of our residents. To donate, please click here.